5 Ways to Win on Etsy with WordPress


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Etsy has allowed creatives to share their work and connect with people who love and want to buy their products. But if you have your own craft business, how do you take your online success beyond Etsy and to the wider audience on the web?

Cariad Web Design offers a range of beautiful ecommerce compatible website templates designed to bring expertly designed and tailored themes to micro traders like you. For more information on how we can elevate your online presence using our website templates, take a look at the Cariad Web Design package

Just like you, Cariad Web Design has put love, care and attention to detail into our work, making sure there’s a template tailored to suit your needs, no matter what you sell. 

Below are just a few of the of the benefits of having your own ecommerce website to sell your products: 

1. Control how your products are displayed

Having your own website means that you can frame your website to suit your branding and the products that you offer. Expand your brand with your very own digital shop front that reflects the colours, mood and ethos of your small business. Not only does this help you create a stronger and more recognisable brand, it also allows you to show off what makes you stand out from the competition.

2. Reach a wider audience on Google

Having a professionally designed website template allows you to tap into the enormous market carrying out searches on Google everyday. This connects you with people looking for products just like the ones you create. 

Selling custom-made candles? Target people searching for the ‘perfect Christmas gifts’. Your very own website opens up the opportunity to create your own content that targets and brings in the right kind of customers for your products. 

3. Start and manage your own blog to promote your products

Creating a blog on your new website will help you grow your customer base and connect with potential clients. Share news, ideas, talk about what makes your products stand out, what makes your tick, and much more! Keeping an updated blog also boosts your business’s visibility on search engines. 

4. Get the best of both worlds

Take advantage of the benefits that having your own website brings whilst keeping your bustling Etsy account online. A new website for your business acts as a way to bring in new business and add credibility to your brand whilst not taking away from your success on Etsy. 

5. Get your website up and running in just 10 days

Cariad Web Design has a number of templates that are carefully designed for different brands. So whether you’re selling Marvel pencil cases or bespoke designed jewellery, Cariad Web Design has a theme that works for you. 

Cariad Web Design builds beautiful WordPress templates that are expertly designed for website speed, security and mobile responsiveness, giving you the perfect platform to start ranking on Google for your products. 

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