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First impressions count and for small law firms, gaining initial trust from your client is likely to be at the top of your list. That is why a professional, clean, and easy to navigate website is highly recommended for successful legal web design – not only to make your law firm stand out, but to also build confidence in your brand for prospective clients.

Key elements that make a successful website for law firms:

So, what are the most important factors to consider for online success? Below are the key areas that determine your law firm website’s success when it comes to ranking in searches as well as gaining and retaining trust from your clients:

Professional, modern and elegant approach to design

When it comes to the design of your website, looks matter. This means that an appealing and appropriate design will have a big impact on your site’s success. The aim of any law firm’s website is to display trust, knowledge and integrity, which is where a professional website design can really help. 


These days, a website that works well on a range of different devices and screen sizes is a must and anything that falls short is penalised by both users and search engines. Always make sure your website will be ‘fully responsive’. 


Unfortunately, it is all too common for security threats to take place online. Security breaches can impact a law firm’s reputation so it is important to keep your website’s security high on the list.

Easy to navigate

Not only can a difficult to navigate website be frustrating – it can also negatively impact your reputation. A successful company web design and interface makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. A well thought-out user interface is crucial for gaining and retaining clients online.


Your website’s speed matters now more than ever. Recent measures mean that a slow and bogged-down website is less likely to rank in online searches. A fully optimised site is important when competing online.

Whether you are a new firm looking to gain an online presence or have a current website that you would like refreshed, the team at Cariad Web Design can help.

Cariad Web Design have built a website template with your law practice in mind

We’ve found out what makes a law firm website successful and packaged it into our Felix WordPress template – encompassing the key elements that will boost your law firm to the top. Felix is ready to be personalised and tailored for your business to position your firm for online success.

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How does the Felix template boost your legal website design online presence?

Felix has been constructed to cater specifically to law firms. With a consistently elegant and professional design throughout, the goal of Felix is to make you stand out online. Here’s how our WordPress template will boost your business online:

A legal web design approach that represents your law firm

Our dedicated design and creative team have made sure that the design language used throughout Felix gives off a professional, dignified and clean look. This well thought out approach builds trust in your brand and gives your business a professional online shop front.

Display your law firm’s services, beautifully

Whatever your small law firm specialises in, you can display them elegantly on your services page to encourage potential clients to get in touch. This page is where you can have a lasting impact on your clients by describing what you have to offer. 

Easy to navigate

The user interface experts at Cariad Web Design have made Felix intuitive to navigate, meaning that your users will find navigating your website effortless, and ensure they stay on it to find out more about you.

Engage potential clients with a blog

The inclusion of a blog on your website is a fantastic way to interact with your client base and build relationships and trust. Keeping your blog updated can also give your firm the edge when competing online by boosting your search engine rankings and increasing the chance of your clients finding you online.

We take care of security and site speed

All of our website templates are built with security in mind, ensuring that your website is kept safe from security threats. To further ensure online success for your law firm, we’ve made sure that your website delivers fantastic site speeds.

Tailored to meet your small law firm’s needs

Cariad Web Design believes in catering your website to your needs. Our process involves one to one meetings discussing your website needs and requirements before we tailor your new website to your brand and ethos. If you have all your content ready, in just 10 days, you will be able to launch your new, fully customised professional website.

Get started with the Felix template

To start your online journey with Cariad Web Design take a look at our pricing plans, or browse our other templates to see what else we have on offer. 

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