Build Your Own Website or Buy One ‘Off the Peg’?


If your marketing budget is limited, it’s very tempting to cut corners, especially when it comes to your new website. There are many options available for low-cost websites, but beware of the old saying “you get what you pay for”.

Build your own WordPress Website

Yes, you can build your own using a template from one of many software sites (and if you do decide to go down that route, we recommend WordPress, which is the software we use), but if you’re not technically minded, you’ll be learning it as you go along which will take time. So what you’ve got to consider is the pay-off between spending that amount of time working on something you’re not experienced in, and spending your time and energy doing what you do best – growing your business.

Another aspect of building your own WordPress website that you need to take into account is the optimisation. Obviously you need your WordPress website to look great, but it’s vital to make it work hard for your company, and that means it needs to be fast and in tip-top shape. The aim of search engine optimisation (SEO) is to do work ‘behind the scenes’ to make the content visible and attractive to Google and other search engines, which are then more likely to place it higher in organic search results. The aim is for your company to appear on page one of the Google search results where it’s more likely to be seen by potential customers.

If you don’t have the time or the expertise to build your own WordPress website, consider an ‘off the peg’ WordPress website.

Buy an ‘off the peg’ website

Buying an ‘off the peg’ WordPress website is a way to get the advantages of a small bespoke website, but without the price tag.

Introducing Cariad Web Design

Cariad Web Design, a new venture from the award-winning digital marketing agency Cariad Marketing, has been created to give small businesses and sole traders the opportunity to benefit from our amazing bespoke websites but at a very affordable price. From as little as £50 a month in fact (click here to check out our pricing).

Our amazing web developers have created a range of templates that are suitable for different sectors, so you can choose a design that suits your business. You can also choose from a range of add-ons that will boost your WordPress website even more and give it the very best start in life possible.

After an initial meeting with a dedicated project manager and the team who’ll be working on your website, we’ll upload your content and images and optimise the website. We’ll also train you on how to upload content yourself so you can update the site and add more content. You’ll get all the advantages of a professional web development team but at a price even a sole trader can afford.

Go for launch in just 10 days

One huge advantage of buying an ‘off the peg’ website from Cariad Web Design is that you could have your new website up and running in less than a fortnight! As long as you have the content and images ready to go, then so are we. Which means you’ll be finding new customers in no time at all!

Click on the template you like best to begin the process, contact us online or call us on 01992 582 824 to find out more.

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