How a Website Can Boost Business

How a website can boos business

Is your website helping or hurting? In this blog we discuss how a professional, well-designed and fast website can actually benefit your bottom line. Plus, we share feedback from one of our own clients.

What are the benefits of a business website?

A website can provide detailed information about your offerings and play a key role in generating leads. By including clear and persuasive calls-to-action, your website can encourage visitors to contact your business. Or even better, make a purchase/enquiry. 

Your business website can also build brand awareness and establish credibility. Often, your target audience will search for your business online. And if they are met with a beautiful, fast and informative website, they are more likely to contact you or visit your physical store. According to a study, nearly 75% of people report that they judge credibility based on a company’s website content presentation. This means that not only is it important to have a website, it’s critical that your web design appeals to your audience.

Half of consumers (50%) say that they consider a company’s website design essential to their opinion of the brand. As a business owner, it’s definitely worthwhile to invest in a website revamp or redesign. This will help your brand to build a strong online presence and meet customer expectations. Including visual content like imagery, videos and brand colours will make it even more appealing to customers. 

If you’re looking to grow your business in 2024, start out with a brand new website. It’s a place where your customers can find you at any hour and quickly see what you’re all about and decide whether they want to buy from you. Ultimately, it’s the only sales tool that can work for you 24/7!

Client feedback: The impact of a new website

“We were delighted to work with Cariad Marketing a couple of years ago in designing our new website. For us as a business, it was and still is important that our website reflects our style and values and it was great to share their input and experience in designing and achieving this.

We have been incredibly happy with the website and have had comments from a number of new and existing clients that they have been really impressed with our website and like its ‘feel’ which has helped to contribute to their initial enquiries and ongoing business.  In turn, through our conversations, sales approach and follow up with clients, along with an investment in a PPC campaign, this has led to increased new business over time.” Carey Haigh, Sales Director at Marcus Bohn Associates

Check out Marcus Bohn Associates website here.

Invest in a digital storefront: A professional business website

Whatever your business goals are, a website will support them. Whether you want to build brand awareness and look bigger online, get more leads and conversions or increase revenue – a business website can help.

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