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While every recruitment website design is different, there are some tried and tested elements that every website should have. The average visitor takes about three seconds to decide whether they’re going to stay on your site or not. So, if you don’t make an excellent first impression then they might turn to a competitor. The website experience is pivotal to attracting the right talent, and of course, the right new clients to your service.

In this blog, we explore how to make the most out of your website design to appeal to the best talent and keep your clients (and new clients) super happy!

Creating a Winning Recruiter Website

When it comes to a winning recruitment website, you need to focus on a specific design that encompasses your brand identity. A well-designed website gives a great impression to not only your clients but also to potential candidates. 

A unique design will make your site stand out and be more appealing for your website visitors. With that being said, it’s also important to keep it simple. Your audience will appreciate a great design and be impressed with easy navigation, fast loading pages and an overall positive user experience.

Recruitment Websites that Win Candidates

The ultimate goal of your recruiter website is to entice and engage prospective applicants for your clients. A winning design requires an in-depth understanding of the target user and how they usually interact with staffing agency sites. Creating a recruitment website with the candidates in mind will enable you to make design choices that will appeal to them. 

Job-seeking is a time-consuming and sometimes frustrating activity. So you as the recruiter will want to make the whole process as simple and easy as possible so more candidates apply via your site. Great recruitment website design not only offers value to job-hunters but also has the power to bring high-quality candidates that are qualified for the role.

Crafting Impactful Recruitment Agency Websites

When designed well, a recruitment website design can be extremely impactful and you will have many returning users that are browsing and applying for vacancies. By ticking a few of the below boxes, you will have a good chance at seeing an increase in website traffic and applications:

  • Smooth and enjoyable user journey
  • Responsive design
  • Advanced job filters
  • Seamless navigation
  • Fast page loading time
  • Intuitive flow between pages and sections
  • Persuasive calls-to-action
  • Easy application method (form to fill out, CV upload function etc.)

Elevating Your Recruitment Website Game

In order to really take your recruitment game to the next level, you will need to have Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in mind from the get go. Look for a web design agency that builds websites that are well-equipped to implement SEO results strategies so your site ranks higher and gets noticed by search engines and subsequently your target audience.

Focusing on your required SEO results from the outset will give your site the upper hand in Google rankings. One of the most effective candidate attraction methods for agencies is optimising your website to bring in talent. Leveraging your website won’t just build your reputation as a recruitment agency but also lead it to become a powerful tool for new applicants.

Recruitment Agencies’ Winning Formulas

Direct website applications

You need to appeal to the right, high calibre talent, so your website is the best tool at your disposal. It will have a job search functionality with a method for job-seekers to apply and you’ll be able to execute a solid recruitment SEO results strategy for better talent attraction. If you are using an ATS such as Broadbean, you may need this integrated with your website to automate the process. Let’s face it – you need your website jobs ready!

New business enquiries

When planning your website, bear in mind you will need the platform to act as a client attraction tool as well. So make sure you consider how to best showcase your company, the industry (or ies) you operate in, your service packages and support you provide.


LinkedIn is a popular choice for recruiters and hiring managers simply because the social network is dedicated to professional networking, posting vacancies and sharing content. Agencies utilising all of the Recruiter features and functions tend to excel at attracting both permanent and temporary applications and stay ahead of their competitors.

Job boards

All job board websites list open roles from multiple companies across the UK and are a great way of accessing a ready made audience of active jobseekers. Of course, the downside to relying on this method is that with multiple roles to recruit for, it can become costly option with a monthly or per-post fee.


As a staffing agency, you can build a relationship with your best talent over time and ask a trusted person to make a recommendation for a certain position to your business.


Recruitment companies are well-known for making appearances at job fairs, graduate events, colleges, schools and networking events to meet and evaluate potential talent. They are extremely efficient at spotting talent in a face to face environment. Of course, in this day and age, networking is not restricted to in-person events and can include online in the form of social media. Whether online or in-person networking will help attract both active and passive job-hunters.

Web design for recruiters to attract high-quality talent

There is no one-size-fits all when it comes to the web design for recuiters. That said, a feature rich, well-designed and fast website will work wonders for engaging with job-seekers. We understand that the people applying for jobs don’t have a ton of time and often want to browse relevant vacancies and submit applications as quickly as possible.

Your web designer will create a new website which is fully adaptable to all screen sizes. This means your website can be accessed anywhere at any time. Plus they are fully loaded with features, so you have all the tools you need to ensure the very best experience for candidates and clients alike.

Time for a new web design for your recruitment business? Our designs, such as Hunter go way beyond a regular template. Your website ends up looking and feeling absolutely unique whilst using a standard design template. The team at CWD are happy to customise your site to make it as attractive as possible to potential employers and candidates. Plus we will set you on the road to seo results success with all the functionality you need!

Chat to our team today about a new recruitment website for your business.

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