WordPress vs Wix – which CMS is right for your business?

Wix vs Wordpress - which is right for your business

Stuck between Wix vs WordPress for your website?

Wix’s flashy ads might have you wondering if WordPress, the reigning CMS champ, is still the better choice. This guide will break down the pros and cons of both platforms to help you pick the perfect website builder for your new website.



With Wix, you pay a monthly fee that encompasses both your website and hosting. Wix’s premium website plans without branding start from £7.50 per month, and its ecommerce plans are priced from £14 per month.


The WordPress software itself is free to use, but web hosting and a domain name come at a price. The cost of web hosting can range from £5 to £200 per month, depending on the hosting provider and the hosting plan you choose.

Ease of use 


Wix has an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. You can select and customise any element directly on the page. This lets you see your changes instantly, without needing to know any code.

Adding text, images, videos, and menus – all requires a simple drag and drop. You can also easily rearrange elements to find the perfect layout for your website. With Wix, anyone can build a professional-looking website, regardless of their technical experience.


WordPress can be extremely simple for anybody to use if the web developers who built the site did so in a way that made it easy. However, if you try to use it on your own, there may be a bit of a learning curve to understanding all of its features. But the latest edition of WordPress which is the block editor has made it even easier for non-techies to be able to edit their site in ways that are almost unlimited.

The dashboard is well-organised with clear menus and functions, so once you get familiar with the layout, adding content and managing your site become straightforward. 

Design options


Wix has a selection of free and premium templates that can be customised using the platform’s drag-and-drop editor and design elements. The premium template offers higher quality and more design options. You will be able to tweak elements and add content, such as videos, photos, blogs, etc. However, you won’t have full control like you would with WordPress.


WordPress also offers free and premium templates, as well as the ability to use external themes and templates. Or you can create your own bespoke theme using code. With WordPress, you have a wider variety of themes and templates to choose from, including many that are professionally designed

A major benefit of WordPress is the ability to customise and tweak every aspect of your site. You can add plugins for new features, adjust themes, and alter the code. And with the introduction of full site editing themes, certain customisations don’t require you to edit any code.

Plugins and Extensions


Wix offers a built-in app market with extensions for various functionalities. However, the selection is smaller compared to WordPress. Wix’s ecommerce features are good for basic online stores, but may not be suitable for complex needs.


WordPress plugins allow you to easily add new functionality and integrations to your site. This enables you to create any sort of site, from ecommerce stores to portfolios. The average WordPress site may have between 20-30 plugins, with more advanced sites increasing to over 50. 



Wix ecommerce is an all-in-one ecommerce platform where you can create an online store. Wix offers product display, inventory management, secure payment processing, and a user-friendly interface. However, there are limitations for larger stores in terms of scalability issues, high transaction fees, and customisation constraints. 


With the integration of the WooCommerce plugin, you can create a dynamic ecommerce store. WooCommerce gives you the power of complete customisation with regard to the layout and themes of the website. WooCommerce offers secure payment gateways and many customisable ecommerce design options. While the learning curve with WordPress is a little steeper, you will have more flexibility and control over your online store. 

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