Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to answer as many of our most frequently asked questions as possible so you can get all the answers you need in one, handy place. If for some reason we haven’t answered your question today, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Pay Monthly FAQs

A pay monthly option is a great way of spreading the cost of a website making it much more affordable to you. You still get a premium, high-quality website with all the features you could need or want, but instead of paying anywhere between £3,000-£10,000+ depending on the complexity of the project, we help you spread the cost each month.

Simply choose from one of our 2 base packages, pick a template you love, and add any extras you may want or need. We then meet with you to discuss the project and what your requirements are, and just 10 days later your new website is ready to launch! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Yes, the initial term of the website is 2 years. This is one of the reasons we are able to make each monthly payment so affordable. At the end of the 2 year period, the website will be paid in full and you are free to keep hosting the website with us for an ongoing hosting fee, or of course you can choose to host your site wherever you want. It’s your site after all.

Absolutely, you will own the website entirely. We host your new website on one of our premium servers for the first 2 years while paying off the website each month, but after that you can choose to host your website wherever you want. We can provide you with a full copy of the website and database anytime after the 2 years is up.

Yes, there is a small upfront fee before we start working on the website, just to cover our time with the initial web build and setting everything up ready for you. The set up fee between our two base packages will vary depending on which option you choose.

Our small business sign up fee is £250
Our small online store sign up fee is £750

No, we charge a small upfront fee to cover our time initially with the web build and setting your new website up for you, and after that you will know exactly what you will be paying each month, as you will build your very own package online yourself. Choose a template you like, select any extras you might want or need and at the checkout you will see exactly what is payable today and what your monthly recurring total will be. What you see is what you get.

Our payments are taken automatically each month, via our payment provider Stripe. You will receive an invoice each month, which you can access anytime via our website. None of your card details are stored on our website.

Within the first 2 years, you are tied into a contract. This is one of the main reasons we are able to offer such an affordable price each month to spread the cost of your shiny new website. Once the 2 years is up, we can continue hosting your website for a small yearly fee, or you can host it yourself if you prefer.

There are many advantages to choosing a pay-monthly website plan. Obviously, the initial cost saving of £1,000’s is a big incentive to many but also, for the first two years you will be hosting your site on our premium servers, included in the monthly cost. We also have a full suite of add-ons which are available to bolt on to your package at an extremely affordable monthly cost. Choosing some of these features for bespoke website projects with an upfront cost would add hundreds of pounds to the project.

We use premium, cloud based hosting solutions for all of our websites. These are optimised for performance and security, to make sure each website performs to the max. We regularly monitor and manage our servers to ensure they are never overcrowded and your site is super fast.

Our 2 base packages don’t include maintenance & support by default, however it is an add-on that you can add to your bundle when building your custom package. You can get additional support for just £40 per month which includes security updates to your site, plugin updates, help posting content and more.

Out of the box, you will get:

  • 10 web pages (additional pages are available)
  • Free cloud hosting
  • Blog section
  • Choice of free design templates
  • SSL certificate
  • Anti-Spam firewall
  • Google analytics
  • A full suite of fully-customisable building blocks to create any page layout you could want or need
  • Ecommerce available
  • Built with WordPress, the world’s leading CMS (content management system).

Website FAQs

Once you have chosen a package, we will arrange an online meeting with you to learn more about your company, business objectives and website requirements. Once we know what sort of layout and style you would like and you have sent us your website copy and images, we will start to build your website and implement all the functionality you’ve ordered. We will then run a final review and test the site on all browsers and devices, before setting up your website hosting and making the site live on your chosen domain.

For the first 2 years when you are spreading the cost of the website, we will host the website on our premium cloud-based servers, free of charge. You won’t be able to host your website elsewhere during this period, but once the 2 years is up, you are free to host it where you would like. We can send you the website files and database anytime after the first 2 years. Of course, we can also continue to host your website on our server for a small yearly fee.

Once we have received your content, along with any images you would like to use, we have 10 days to build and launch your new website. This includes some basic pre-launch SEO as well. Of course, this can vary depending on your availability and being able to send any amends or changes back in a timely manner.

Yes we can. If it is just a redesign you are looking for, we can keep the same content and move it all over to your brand new website, hassle free. However, we usually recommend that you check it over with fresh eyes, as things may have changed since the last time you updated your website and you may want to tweak it slightly.

If you do not want to provide or write the content for your new website yourself, we have add-ons available for both copywriting and royalty-free images/videos. However, if you do not want to pay for those add-ons, it is down to you to provide the content and images for your new website. If you are updating an existing website, we can use the content from that site if you prefer.

Before we build your website, you will have chosen a template that you like. We will then use this template to build your website, by placing in your copy and images. It is therefore very unlikely that you will be unhappy with the final result, as it will closely resemble the design you chose initially.

Don’t worry though, once the website is built, we will share it with you on a staging link before it goes live so that you can make any final amendments. We are extremely confident that you will be over the moon with your new website!

We don’t by default, however we can certainly help with that by choosing our Maintenance & Support add-on for £40 per month. This will pay for our time to be able to help with content changes, plugin updates and security updates, to make sure your new website keeps running smoothly long after it is launched.

That’s not a problem at all. We may ask for access to your domain nearer the time when we are getting ready to launch your new website so we can update the DNS records, but aside from that you can keep the domain where it is.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of this and unsure on where to get started, why not get in touch with us and request a callback. One of our team of experts will be happy to give you a call and walk you through the whole process.

Yes, it absolutely will. All of our websites are built with modern best practices in mind and that includes building websites with a mobile-first approach. Your new website will look great, no matter what device you’re viewing it on.

Package FAQs

Web hosting is a service that allows you to put a web page or website onto the internet. Web hosting can be made up of one or many servers that store websites and deliver them to your browser when you search for a URL or click a hyperlink.

Web hosting is essential for any website, and it is important to choose your hosting wisely. There are many types of hosting such as shared hosting, managed hosting and VPS hosting to name a few. When you host your website on one of our servers, we remove the hassle. Our development team will make sure everything is running smoothly, quickly and securely so your site can flourish online.

Not at all. By using your content and images, as well as drawing on all the unique aspects of your brand personality, we will make sure that your website is exciting and original. We have a range of custom blocks that we can use to build complex layouts for your web pages and make them look unique.

If you have an existing website with lots of elements that you really like, but it looks outdated, why not get in touch and see how we can help.

To get your website up and running quickly, it would be great if you could send over the copy and images that will populate your web pages. We have an in-house copywriter available if you need some compelling copy to go with your shiny new website.

We build websites for businesses in all sectors, whether that’s professional services, healthcare, hairdressers, florists, contractors or any other industry!

A web design template is a pre-designed web page or set of web pages with a particular layout and set of display features.

The beauty of using a web design template is that we can ‘plug in’ the content and imagery that is unique to your business without having to build the site from scratch. This means that the finished product will have the look and feel of a bespoke website but for a much more affordable price.

Add-ons FAQs

Of course. If you need new copy to go with your new website, our brilliant in-house copywriter can produce compelling content that will engage potential customers.

Just select our copywriting add-on when building your website package.

Yes, we can. If your business is new or you don’t have many photos, we have access to a huge range of royalty-free images to go alongside your written website content which you can add-on to your order.

Absolutely, if you don’t already have a domain name we have 2 add-ons which you can choose to include in your website package. One is for a domain name, the other is for a .com domain name. You may also decide that you want both. In which case we can set up web forwarding from the secondary domain to the primary domain for you.

We always do some basic pre-launch SEO to make sure your website is in good shape when it goes live, but ongoing SEO services are not included in the monthly price. If you are looking for some ongoing SEO support please contact us directly and we can discuss your needs further.

If you don’t have a logo yet that’s not a problem at all. We can help you design the perfect logo by one of our in-house designers. Simply choose the logo add-on in your package builder and once you’ve placed your order we can arrange a meeting to discuss your new logo, as well as the website build.

You can get a brand new, professionally designed logo for just £299.

WordPress FAQs

WordPress is the worlds leading CMS (Content Management System) that gives businesses a great way to manage their websites. You don’t have to be a technical expert or a developer to be able to add and update content on your own website. We will provide you with everything you need to get started and then you can manage the website with ease.

There really are no limits as to what kind of website you can have with WordPress. Anything from a basic blogging platform or brochure site, through to large-scale corporate websites with very complex functionality. Ecommerce websites are extremely popular on WordPress because of how easy it is to manage your own online store.

Absolutely, Cariad Web Design offers small businesses a flexible and affordable way to spread the cost of having a WordPress site from as little as £50 per month. No hidden costs, no catches. Just one low-cost monthly payment.

No, WordPress is an open-sourced CMS meaning that is made available and free for everyone to use. This is one of the great benefits of WordPress vs other CMS systems which can charge a small fortune to use each year. Some even charge by the number of user accounts you want to set up.

Of course, we would encourage you to take a look at our growing portfolio of client websites we have had the pleasure of working with and don’t just take our word for it. Read some of the lovely comments our clients have had to say about us here.

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