Why electricians need professional websites


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When considering websites for electricians, it may be difficult to find customers that are located in your area. With a professional website, you will be able to do this and so much more. In today’s digital world, almost half of consumers visit local business websites to find contact details, so having a website up and running is essential.

Here are 5 reasons why, as a professional electrician, you should have your own website.

Showcase your expertise 

In order for a potential client to choose you over a competitor, you have to convince them that your website is the best place to find solutions to their electrical problems. You will be able to outline your expertise, licences, certifications and other credentials and experience to set you apart. By showcasing your services, you will be seen as a capable and experienced electrician. You will also be able to explain whether your services are specifically for domestic homes or businesses.

Be accessible 24/7

One of the major benefits of having an electrician website is that it can be accessed at any time. This means that people are able to browse your services even when you aren’t available. They can send you an enquiry at any time of day (or night), safe in the knowledge that you will respond during your working hours.

Attract local customers

When a customer searches for ‘electricians near me’ or ‘best electrician in Hertford’ you will want your website to appear. But first you have to have one! Once your site has launched, you can create (and link) a Google Business Profile to keep your contact details, services and other information that people will want to know up-to-date.

Get bookings and enquiries online 

Electricians websites should include a contact form or even a booking service to make it easy and convenient for customers to contact you and make bookings. 

Present testimonials 

You will be able to display reviews from previous clients that might encourage new clients to contact you. The majority of people rely on customer reviews when choosing an electrician to hire and this is an opportunity for you to foster trust amongst your customers.

Get a professional electrician website

At Cariad Web Design, we already have professional designs that are ideal so we can launch your site in 10 days! We’ll learn all about you and your business to customise your website according to your needs so you can develop a brand identity and start attracting more customers.

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts to guide you through the process of getting a brand new website.

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