Great Value Websites for Micro-Businesses


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For micro businesses, every penny counts, so there is generally very little leeway when it comes to a marketing budget. However, in the online world, even the smallest company’s website needs to stand out from the competition if it’s going to stand a chance of being picked up by the search engines and rank highly in the organic search results. 

If you run a micro business, your website can be a dilemma – do you save money by trying to build your own website… which may take a lot of your time away from your core business? Do you find a tech savvy teenager to create your website for a small fee than you’d pay a professional company to do it, even though you don’t know whether or not they know more about creating websites than just making it look good? Or do you utilise the experience of a professional web development company that specialises in building bespoke websites? 

Clearly you’d prefer to have your website created by professionals with years of experience under their belt, but surely that isn’t affordable for a micro business… is it? 

Professional Template Websites Without the Price Tag

Cariad Web Design offers the perfect compromise between affordability and high performance. Using their experience building bespoke company websites, our web developers have designed a range of template websites which not only look great, they also have everything they need in the ‘back end’ to raise your website’s visibility so it is picked up by the search engines. They do the initial setup and even train you how to use the CMS (and tell you what CMS is!) so you can save resources by posting your own content – remember that search engines are hungry for new content, so the more you ‘feed’ them, the better. 

From just £50 a month for 24 months, in addition to a set up fee, you could have your new website up and running within as little as ten days. The initial set up also includes free hosting for two years, indexing on Google, Google Analytics and Google Search Console, as well as security measures such as an anti-spam plugin and one year’s SSL certificate – SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and is a way of authenticating websites by providing a digital handshake between them to ensure they are who they claim to be. You can identify a website with SSL certification by checking the address – if it begins with https (rather than http), then you can trust that it’s a secure website. 

eCommerce Website

If you sell products online, our eCommerce website, Small Online Store, can be used with any of our templates, giving you a powerful platform on which to sell up to 50 products at any one time. Your website will include WooCommerce integration which is a plugin that allows you to take secure payments, manage your inventory, and automatically sort your taxes. Your customers and clients will be able to order products on their phones and tablets as well as desktops and laptops, so you can rest assured that your online store will be working 24/7 for just £100 a month for two years and a set up fee. 

By using a Cariad Web Design template set up by experienced professionals, you can rest easy knowing that your website is fully optimised and working hard for your micro business. This will give you the time and focus to devote to running your core business rather than being distracted by things that aren’t your area of expertise. 

And as your business grows and you can afford to spend more on your digital marketing, you can take advantage of our Add-ons at a later date. These are designed to help you enhance your online presence and add value by bringing more potential customers to your website.

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