Dos & Don’ts of eCommerce Web Design


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When it comes to eCommerce web design, it’s essential to ensure your website is as seamless and easy to navigate as possible in order to turn visitors into customers. You may have a fantastic advertising campaign set up, but if the people who click on your ads aren’t making purchases on your website, you’re wasting valuable ad spend. 

We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts for eCommerce web design to help maximise your potential sales.

DO think about the user experience

When it comes to user experience, always remember to keep it simple. Your website should be uncluttered and easy to navigate, with clear and repeated  calls-to-action to encourage visitors to make a purchase. Make sure that your website is well designed with clear, simple product pages and all of the essential information included. Avoid adding unnecessary content that will distract from purchase. 

The checkout experience should feature as few steps as possible. If you make things too complicated, customers might drop off if they have to put in too much effort. Only ask for the information that is required in order to process the order, e.g. name, email address, shipping and payment details. Make sure you give them the option to complete a guest checkout, as a lot of consumers don’t want to fill in a complex form in order to make a one-off purchase. 

Make sure your page loading speed is up to scratch because consumers nowadays aren’t interested in waiting around for a website to load. There are many ways to speed up your website, including optimising your imagery and reducing redirects. 

DON’T lose out because your website isn’t mobile friendly  

Your website should be easy to use on all devices. 62% of smartphone owners use their phones to make product purchases. If someone is browsing for a product while they are out and about and your website isn’t compatible with mobile, the chances are you’ll lose their business. Rather than wait till they get home to revisit your website on desktop, they’ll head back to Google and choose one of your competitors instead.  Check out our blog on responsive web design to learn more. 

DO include high quality images

One negative aspect of online shopping is that customers aren’t able to see the real life product before deciding whether or not to make a purchase. A recent case study revealed that incorporating more relevant images into a website design increased conversions by over 40%. Make sure that you include plenty of high-quality, professional images of your products . 

DON’T forget to include social proof

Never underestimate the power of the customer testimonial. We recommend that you always include reviews and testimonials, as this acts as a type of ‘social proof’ demonstrating that your product is high quality. Consumers want to see evidence that your product and company are trustworthy, and are always likely to trust reviews from an unbiased customer. 

As a side note, it’s important to let the customer know your website is highly secure and trustworthy. Add secure checkout logos, assure the customer that you have a valid site-wide SSL certificate and that their personal information is well protected. 

DO add a chat function 

Adding a chat function to your website means that you can catch potential customers when they’re considering making a purchase. Through live chats, companies can get a better idea of what customer pain points are. And customers who have chatted online are more likely to return to the website a second time and make a purchase. 

Including a chat function enables you to enhance the customer experience and increases your website’s credibility and consumer trust. The chat function often makes the difference between someone dropping off your website or making a purchase. 

These are just a few of the many important aspects of successful eCommerce web design. If you would like to learn more or get some help creating the perfect eCommerce website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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