9 Tips for Ranking Top on Google for your Accountant Website


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9 Tips for Ranking Top on Google for your Accountant Website

SEO for Accountants, in fact any website, is no easy feat. Every business owner wants their website at the top of search results because this means more web traffic. But how do you actually go about ranking top on Google?

Here are 9 ways your accounting website can make its way up the SERPs and acquire more clients.

1. Start with a website audit

To know where you need improvements, a website audit is useful. You’ll be able to determine how well your website is performing and whether there are any issues. You can find out about your site’s indexing issues, user experience, technical issues and opportunities for optimisation. 

Although you might be able to do it yourself, we recommend hiring a professional SEO agency. Some agencies even offer a free SEO audit and tips on how to improve your website. But a good starting point is to go ahead and check how you rank for important keywords like “London accountant” or “accounting services near me.” Ahrefs, and Semrush are good tools for checking keywords.

2. Target relevant keywords

Research relevant keywords to ensure you are trying to rank for relevant terms. Using tools like Surfer SEO ensures that you generate the right keywords. Then incorporate these terms where you can on your website, in blogs or even in social media posts.

3. Use Local SEO

In order to target location-specific searches, you will need to optimise your online presence for local search. This means setting up a Google Business Profile and ensuring your business details are accurate. You should also encourage happy clients to leave Google reviews. All of these factors let Google know that you are a legitimate and trustworthy business. And as a result, you’ll be rewarded with a higher ranking.

4. Write more long-form content

Written content is a great way of gaining website traffic and this also helps you rank for valuable keywords. Consistently posting blogs about topics that your clients care about can work wonders for your rankings. For instance, posting about tax and accounting advice or personal finance tips. SEO-optimised content needs to be high quality, keyword-rich and interesting to the reader.

5. Optimise your existing content

If you’ve already written a ton of website copy or blog posts, the best thing to do is optimise them. This will enable them to show up more favourably in Google’s search results. Again, Surfer SEO is a nifty tool to optimise content through suggesting relevant keywords.

6. Include impactful visuals that are optimised

Having images on your site is not only a great way to make it visually appealing but also provides an opportunity for optimisation. Optimising an image includes compressing the file so it doesn’t slow down your site. You should also write a descriptive file name and include alt text for accessibility.

7. Try to get backlinks

A backlink is a hyperlink for another website to your website. This sends a signal to Google that others are using your brand or content and that your website is valuable. The more relevant backlinks you obtain, the better it will be for your search ranking. But be careful! Relevancy of the link is everything – do don’t go buying links for random directories or linking from completely unrelated websits. That would be bad seo for Accountants!

8. Check your technical SEO

Technical SEO involves making sure that your website meets the requirements of modern search engines. Technical SEO for accounting websites includes maintaining a clean and user-friendly website design.

9. Ensure a great page experience

It’s essential that users have an enjoyable experience on your site. Customer-centric websites that focus on user experience will perform better on Google. This means making sure it looks good on mobile, that pages load quickly and that it’s secure.

At CWD, we produce websites that tick all these boxes. Plus, we build sites that are well-equipped for optimisation – providing SEO for Accountants websites is in our DNA. This means your accounting site will work efficiently and it has a great chance of ranking high on Google.

Contact us today to learn more.

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